Blind Contour Drawing

If you want to teach yourself to draw, a good start is blind contour drawing.  This is where you put pen (or pencil) to paper and then you don’t look at the paper again.  You concentrate on the subject, and follow the contours of your subject with your eyes.  As you follow along you try to follow with your hand on the paper.  It teaches you patience and hand to eye coordination.  You never get realistic results, you are just working on technique.  You do get interesting results, though.  You won’t capture a likeness, but you can capture an essence, kind of the soul of the subject.  It’s a tough exercise, though, you have to fight your urge to look at the paper or to erase.  I found the best time to do blind contour drawings is in a dark club watching a band.  It’s too dark to see what you are drawing, so you can’t peak, and musical instruments are fun to draw.  Last night Mark and I saw Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys at the Ark, and these are the drawings I made.blind drawing-1 blind drawing 2