Where I stood, at another Dally

I love nothing more than hanging out at Dally in the Alley! I met up with wonderful friends and got to see a lot of beautiful people and beautiful things. Here’s just a sample.

my feet, Issy feet

My feet, Issy feet

Alan and Mark have a lot in common

Alan and Mark have a lot in common

cool glasses

Cool glasses

strohs guy

Strohs guy

pink boots

Pink boots

Mark buys a confession

Mark buys a confession

Crown Royal

Crown Royal

Main line

Main line

Mark, Issy and bookMark W and Issy

Issy buys a dress

Issy buys a dress




Celebrating Eagles


Yesterday was the official celebration of our friend Ian making Eagle Scout!   Here he is with two very proud parents, at St. Hugo’s in Bloomfield Hills.

ian reads

Here Ian talks about what becoming an Eagle Scout means, and thanks all those who helped.   You might note something on this picture if you know anything about Eagle Scouts.   You might know that to become an Eagle, you need 21 merit badges, and it looks like perhaps Ian has a few extra.   Well, yes, he does have a few extra.   Ian has earned 79 merit badges.   He a bit of an overachiever.


I can’t imagine anything that would make Angela prouder.   Congratulations!!

Vince's wreath

Every year, my friend Vince make me a wreath.   He just drops it off on the porch, never rings the bell or looks for us.   We refer to it as our yearly “wreathing.”   This year’s wreath was the prettiest, small enough that I could still hang it over the fireplace, and just amazing, with sooo much going on.   Birds and feathers, I didn’t really even get the peacock feathers in the pictures, they hung out too far.wreathbird in wreathcorner of wreathsilver flowr wreath


Last night Lynn and her mother opened their house to all the art club members, and we all had a great time.

I think Dooley is a stuffed toy, he’s too cute and well behaved to be a real dog.

Kate and Mary are definitely cute, but maybe not so well behaved.

After this party, Mark and I went on to Jim’s party, where I forgot to bring my camera.   I was bummed I’d forgotten my camera, but by the time the blow-up doll and, well, other things made their appearance, I was glad I left the camera home.