Blue cat

Things are so wrong with this blog, it is making understand the impermanence of everything.  So many pictures gone, links broken, I’ve tried to fix a few but I haven’t the history saved anyplace else.  I think I may have to leave it behind and start fresh someplace else.  Meanwhile, here is a blue cat.


Yep, I forgot to post “Where I Stood” yesterday.  I just went downstairs to check on my laundry, and it turns out I forgot to start the dryer, so my clothes are still wet.  I’m forgetting people’s names.

We are having big problems with our home computer, it looks like we will lose a bunch of information, many photos and scans.  I need to be more mindful of many things, people’s names, and backing up computers.  Without the home computer, it is a little more difficult to post images right now, so I’ve only got words.

Starting today, I will be more mindful.  I will double check things.  Starting today.