Our trip out east

Every year we head out to Kutztown, PA, to sell radio parts, then to New Jersey to visit Mark’s sister, then to NYC to visit Tim.  This year was especially exciting, as our transmission went out.  We did manage to limp to a Chambersburg Automatic Transmission in Pennsylvania, where they rebuild the transmission while we rented a U-Haul van and carried on.  The Kutztown show


Trying to make rocks ring




Stuff in Tim’s apartment


John Lennon memorial


On the streets of New York


Back to Chambersburg, to pick up the van with a working transmission

We find stuff

We made two stops on our trip to Florida, one in Lexington on the way down, to look at a warehouse full of stuff:lexington stuffThis is just the tiniest portion of the stuff, it was too dark to photograph.

Then a stop on the way back in Lexington, at an outlet store with a floor of electrical and electronic stuff:dayton stuffThis is just one of many aisles.  See the little black dot way back in the center?  That’s Mark.

Out East, 2014

We just got back from our trip out east.

apostrophe signWe bought apples from this place, he won for most misplaced apostrophes.  Or is that apostrophe’s?


We went to the Kutztowm radio meet in Pennsylvania, where we saw lots of radios,

shiny tubes

shiny tubes,

John and Lewie

and very good friends.

Then we visited a guy who had this:

green checker cab

a green checker cab from when Coca-Cola used them to promote Surge, their answer to Mountain Dew.  Watch out, Surge is supposedly coming back.


He also had chickens!  We bought a dozen eggs made by these lovely ladies and had a wonderful breakfast the next day.

spotted chicken

I’ll show you more pictures from the trip in the next post.


Where I stood, er danced, all night

radio feetYesterday morning, Mark and I got up bright and early and sold our wares at the Electronics Expo in Farmington.  We were busy, this is the only photo I took all day.
bootsy x memorial feetBut then, at night, we got to celebrate the life of a friend, Bootsey X.  Bootsey was a Detroit punk rock icon who died late last year, of brain cancer.  Bootsey (Bob Mulooney) was 59.   Mark knew Bob from way back in his Schoolcraft College days, when they discovered a common interest in music.  Last night a huge memorial concert/party was thrown at the Tangent Gallery/Hastings Ballroom in Detroit.  We got to see so many faces we haven’t seen in years, it was a great send off!  Here I got to match my feet with Boot’s shoes.

bootsy x memorial suit
Bootsey’s silver suit was on display

bootsy x memorial photo of a photo
Photos of the man were also posted so we could all remember.

bootsy x memorial oneThere were far too many performers to mention, here’s Dan Mulholland of Ann Arbor’s Urbations.

bootsy x memorial two

Andy Peabodybootsy x memorial three

Sister Dynamite lives up to her name.

bootsy x memorial four

Andy Peabody does a great job on Soulmobile, with the Sugar Babies of Soul on back-up, and on steering wheels.  A great night, and this morning Mark has no voice.  Not a surprise!

Annual trip out east, 2013

The trip started with visiting Mark’s brother, and these two n’er-do-wells.

blair and melanieBlair and Melanie, a whole lotta fun!  They look serious here, but they are not.

swap meet

We moved on to Kutztown, PA, to the radio swap meet put on by the Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club.

speakers speaker, close up

One of the amazing things you can see at this meet is Buford Chidester’s work reproducing designs on cone speakers.  He is an amazing artist with a steady hand!

selfie with dogI made a new friend this year.

As usual the swap meet ends with fire.

lanternLanterns were set free.

fireworksFire works were set off.

burning radio

A few radio cabinets gave their lives.

This meet is a lot of fun, a lot of friends, and a lot of radios.



Where I stood, unloading

gasoline feet

Big Red leaks gas and oil, her gauges don’t work, she roars, and she plays cassette tapes.  It might be time to retire her, but she did make one more trip to Lansing for us.  This weekend was the big antique radio swap meet, and Big Red delivered three console radios and a lot of other stuff to the meet. It was a grand weekend.  I was delighted to spend time with so many friends, especially two in particular.  One, Mike, has moved to Wisconsin, and the other, Jim has moved to Indiana, so I don’t get to see them very often.  It was wonderful catching up on everyone’s lives.

big red doors

Big Red at the ready,let’s see what’s in store for us.

Mark and big redMaybe I’ll go take a nap first.


Where I stood, resting after a long day

Today I am hanging out by the fireplace, keeping warm and resting.  I earned it, yesterday was an antique radio swap meet.

This is the meet in full swing.  It’s no longer just radios.

It has become a vintage electronic meet, so you can find all sorts of vintage things.  I didn’t get much time to take pictures, but I did get to snap a few.

I managed to get photos of a couple of good friends.  This is Mike Dale.  Mike is jealous of my blue hair and needs to find an appropriate hat to compete.  I think he did a fine job this time.

This is Angela Shackleford.  She is a blast, if you’ve a few minutes, find Angela.  She’s funny and delightful.

And of course, Mark.  I don’t really get to talk to him during the meet, he’s very busy.  Here he is listening to someone explain what he needs to fix his radio.  Don’t tell Mark, but I really do enjoy these meets.  I’ve made many friends in the antique radio biz, And it’s always a delight to see them again!