Opening day

No, I didn’t get to the Tigers’ game, but Mark and I did let his brother convince us we should blow off the day and hang out downtown!

Brad and me checking out a new sign in front of the train station.

The trans-gendered bull at the Mercury Bar, where the food and beer is wonderful!  (The bull, you note, has testicles and an udder.)

On the riverfront.

The river is a beautiful blue these days, I remember when that wasn’t true.

We finished off the day at the Atwater Brewery, where we met..

beer drinking skelly friend.

Friday night Mark and I finished off the day by seeing the Mavericks at the Royal Oak Music Theater, what an amazing show!  If you ever get a chance to see Raul Malo, do it, he never disappoints!

Where I stood, in the California sun

Not really in the California sun at all, but at a Beach Boys concert!

They played DTE Energy Music Theater, (Pine Knob to most of us) last night.   Well, as many Beach Boys as are left, they’ve reconciled their differences and are touring again.   You know, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, David Marks, and yes, Brian Wilson.

The Beach Boys.

One of the beach balls the audience kept bouncing all evening.

The “boys” put on a great concert.   It was wonderful to see Brian still holding it together.   The band that never calls it quits, it was 50 years ago that the Wilson brothers were left on their own when their parents went on a short vacation.   The boys and their friends put the money left for them to buy food towards instruments, and a band was born.

Charlotte, North Carolina

We went to Charlotte for the Antique Wireless Swap Meet.

There was lots of radio talk.

Julie sold knobs.

Then we went to Snug Harbor (it only took us 45 minutes to find the place) and saw the Fleshtones.

Remember the Fleshtones?   They still have lots of energy.

Enough energy to leave the stage and play on the bar.   Enough energy to do push-ups.   Enough energy to wear me out.

Where I stood, celebrating Noel Night!

We went downtown Detroit to see all the festivities.   There is so much going on, you can’t catch half of it!

First a stop at the International Institute for international food.   They were giving children balloons, and had them all in the corner of the room looking festive.

Then a quick stop at the Detroit Institute of Arts.   A wonderful setting for a jazz band in front of the Rivera Murals.

We moved over to the Detroit Public Library, someone did a great job lighting the building.

I love this place, so I took most my pictures there.   This is one of the ceilings upstairs.

There are several murals in the library,

and lots of beautiful trim.

My buds, Jan and Leslyn joined us.

We also checked out some local galleries and shops.   One of them had these huge balloons that changed colors!   What a great time!   We also visited the Center for Creative Studies, my Alma matter, where many students were selling wonderful things.   We also saw a great folk singer at the Barnes and Nobel.   We didn’t make it to so many things, though.   Next year!