Working dogs.

Slave Driver.


OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Mark and I have been working our butts off at the new house. We spent most of today cleaning the deck, that’s what Mark is working on in the top photo. When darkness falls, we move inside. I’m cleaning tape goop off the window sash in this photo. As I write this, Mark is still over there rewiring some electric. I’m too tired to stand right now.

All while the previous owner worked on the house, he let nails fall into the cracks in the deck. Mark is displaying the wonderful stash of rusty nails we kept pulling from between the deck board. This was taken while we still had energy and were happy. Now I’m tired and crabby and going to bed, despite the two loads of laundry I still need to finish, and I suspect Mark is getting tired and crabby right now, too. Good night.

Mark's back…

Yeah, not back from anyplace, this is just about his back. We’ve just returned from the pain management clinic, he’s kinda groggy. It’s kinda funny. These injections seem to be helping quite a bit, and the physical therapy is helping, he is certainly doing better, but he’s no where near good as new. I’m still not sure he’ll avoid surgery, he still had drop foot, though not as bad. He can do so much more than he could before, but it does get really sore if he overexerts himself, as any of you who know Mark know he’s likely to do. We’ve been working a lot on our latest property. Mark will probably have to climb in an attic later today, oh joy. The place is coming along on schedule, which is good because we’ve got renters moving in soon.

Place and Press tiles

Mark and I have been working on the latest house, trying to get it ready for the new tenants. We are working on the upstairs, which is almost ready. Mark made a closet bigger to turn it into a laundry room. It needed tile for the floor, but it’s a floor no one will see except those doing laundry, and then only a little bit of it. Rather than buy tile we went through the stash of old peel and stick tile in the barn. I knew the tile I found was old, it’s grey with lines running through it, quite ugly, but I didn’t realize how old until I saw we still had an unopened package of them. I thought they were maybe 20 years old, but this package insert put them at least 40 years old. They still worked!

She’s so happy, and so proud of herself!


Yep, there it is, another lovely coat of snow, covering everything. It covers the the cars, but the lovely thing is how it covers the ice on the sidewalks. It keeps winter interesting. I could use a little less interest. And I see it’s 25 degrees, plenty cold. The only good news is we still don’t have possession of the house we just bought, so at least I don’t have to shovel over there. No, just the seven local properties. Yep, they’re all out there waiting for me. All that white fluffy snow calling my name. I’m on my way. Here I go, ready and willing. I’m putting on my warm clothes and my boots. I’m on my way. Rats.

A new house

I can’t decide if this needs color or not, I can’t even decide if it’s right side up. I’m pretty sure I don’t like it, though.

This morning Mark and I closed on a house, this is will be our eighth property. We don’t take possession for another week. Fortunately, it doesn’t need a lot of work, it does need some, though. A plumbing issue, some drywall and paint in a closet, and undoubtedly other stuff we have yet to discover. This one is in the township instead of the city, that’s a first for us. It’s already divided into two units, and has a big back yard for dogs, and a river in back. I’m kinda anxious to get possession and really check everything out, and there has been some landscaping, so it will be interesting to see what comes up in spring! Wish us luck!