What I did on my summer vacation

pipesWe’ve been doing some home work on one of our houses, it’s been keeping us busy this summer.

wilcox boardI’ve been “denailing” boards, I really liked this one!

bridgeI’ve had a lot of fun, too.  Jane and I took mom on a boat tour!

BobloWe reminisced about boats we’d been on.

tigersMark and I managed to take in a Tigers game, we won!

Tiger seatscat bathTempo spent much of the summer exploring, and taking baths.


A new shed!

We’ve had an old metal shed at one of our houses that no longer worked as a shed.  It was sinking into the ground and getting holes in the roof, and the doors didn’t close.  We have finally replaced it, but that involved leveling the ground where the old shed lived, one of the reasons it was sinking was because critters had made tunnels under it.20141211_131507First there was a lot of shoveling of gravel to level the ground. Then, hours later, this finally appeared:20141211_170837Mark says it looks like I did all the work ‘cuz he took the photos, but really my job was to hold things in place while he put them together.  And yes, he did the vast majority of the shoveling, but I helped.

The best laid plans….

Mark and I have piles of work to do right now.  We have tons, apartments are emptying and we haven’t time to clean and re-tenant them all.  We need to get to work.  Wednesday was a day we were determine to get stuff done.  It is also the day a water heater gave out on the third floor of the apartment building.  We sopped up water.  We removed the old water heater.  We hauled a new one, got it in place, got it all hooked up, sopped up more water, and got the job done!   We were very proud, and though it put us a day behind, we were even more determined yesterday to get stuff done.

Yesterday we were busy loading up the landlordmobile with tools when we heard meowing.  Loud, cantankerous meowing, coming from a tiny creature.  A very tiny, crabby, gray, fuzzy, did I mention tiny? creature.  We took tiny creature in, did some research (Westland Humane Society had us call Animal Control who told us to call the Police who said they only come out for dogs), read more, and learned that the mama might be hunting.  We have looked everywhere for more kittens or a mama.  No luck.  We put the tiny fuzzy beast back and left if for mama to find most the afternoon. No mama. Then is started pouring. Tiny fuzzy beast was sheltered from the rain but the ground was getting muddy, we gave up and moved tiny fuzzy creature inside. It turns out that tiny fuzzy needs feeding every three hours or so. We don’t know that animal shelters will be able to care for tiny fuzzy with so many creatures looking for refuge, so we are keeping tiny fuzzy, for now. I’ve been calling tiny fuzzy Tempo, because cats should be named for music, and because I’m trying to convince myself this arrangement is temporary. Kittens rely on their cuteness, and Tempo has it down.

tempo 1Could you turn this face away?

tempo 2Ten ounces, probably just under four weeks.

tempo and meFeeding in the middle of the night.  We are another day behind.