Where I stood, covered in paint

Ask anyone in my neighborhood, if they’ve seen me recently, I was covered in paint spatters.   Spatters and dabs.   And blotches.   On neat days.   You don’t want to see me on less than neat days.   “The Project” is winding down, and we are painting rooms like mad.   I am a messy person by nature.   I am tired of Mark asking if I got any paint on the walls.   Only once, with a leaky can of yellow paint, did I make what I consider a true mess.   I noticed paint oozing out the bottom of a can, so I picked it up and turned it over for a better look.   It would have worked out well had the lid been on tight.     I think Mark felt bad for me, because the next day he was trying to put the lid on a two gallon can of primer, using his foot.   The lid took off and the foot landed in primer.     You might want to wait until the painting is done and we’ve cleaned the place before you walk into “The Project.”

While doing all this I’ve found some interesting linoleum flooring in closets and under counters, so I stood on it.

Fixing a porch

We’ve been working on restoring this porch.   We’ve painted the railings, and caulked and painted the posts.   I watch on those home improvement shows on TV they always talk about getting the wood smooth.   I certainly did my share of sanding, but I don’t take a disk sander to the posts, because I like old stuff.   I want this house to look like it’s got a history.   I don’t want it to look like someone put it up yesterday.

These are close-up of one column.   I enjoy the way the old paint shows its shape under the new paint.   It lets you know these posts have been around doing their job for some time.

Now to get inside and start drywalling ceilings.

Decoration day, small town, USA

Northville has their Memorial Day Parade starting at 10:00.   Ypsilanti and Chelsea at 9:00.   Keego Harbor’s parade starts at 9:30.   Troy’s is at 11:00.   Dexter, Saline, Farmington, Ferndale and Novi all start their parades at 10:00.   Plymouth?   It starts at 8:30.   This year, I finally made it.

There are others that feel the way I do about getting up early, as there is plenty of room   along the parade route to get a seat.   I took most the shots in black and white because days like this feel very Mayberry, RFD.


Flag girls

Cub scouts

The service at the Memorial Park

I have to get the name of their tailor…

Happy Memorial Day.

More hidden treasures!

The work continues on the new house, and we’ve unveiled a couple of things.   First, a beam signing.

Ed Ebert 3 mo 1953

Did it take them three months?   Was it the third month?   What else could mo stand for?

We took down that beam because it was holding up a very crooked paneled ceiling.   Beneath that was all the wonderful lathe work.   Here, our carpenter Rex covers the lathe with drywall.

Then, the best surprise!

There was stenciling at the top of the dining room, dark green on top of light green.   Then the rest of the room was painted dark green.   This, under many layers of wallpaper.

Not anything we can save, but cool, huh?

Where I stood, wallpaper archeologist

Old houses are a lot of work, so you’d better enjoy the little “finds”   These are my most recent.   The wallpaper in the living room is painted.

Under the painted wallpaper is this traditional ogee/diamond stuff.

Under that is this spotted maple leaf design.

Under the maple leaf stuff is this very cool squiggly design!     I love this stuff!

Where I stood, selling my wares

I love the R in parking!

Yesterday was the bazaar, I sold voodoo dolls and such.   Not the biggest success, but a lot of fun!

Chris and Kathy, old friends I haven’t seen in years, stopped by.

At the end of the day Tracy’s daughter helped collect the name tags.

Today I helped Mark hang Old Village banners.

Tony, along with many others, helped, too.

The finished product!

Where I stood, cleaning out a TV repair shop


Mark’s friend invited Mark to come take what he wanted from an old TV repair shop.   The shop has been closed, leaking, and getting moldy for many years.   We looked at lots of smelly stuff.

building side

There wasn’t much that was old enough or cool enough to interest Mark, but he did manage to fill the big van.   Twice.

stuff a

This will give you an idea of some of the stuff we looked at.

stuff b

This will give you more of an idea.

mark and kirk

Mark and his friend Kirk who is happy with his find.

man on white horse

On the way home, we passed a man on a white horse.

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