Day 'O' Dead Craft Day!

Yesterday I had some friends over to make crafts celebrating dia de los muertos. I made sugar skulls and paper mache skulls for decorating, and we had wine and Irish cream for drinking, and I even managed to make day of the dead bread, I am very proud of the fat guy. He was shaped like a skeleton before I baked him. I was dancing around the house after the dough rose the first time, I am famous for killing yeast, so I am delighted to know I can bake bread again. The last few attempts turned into small hard black rocks.

Here’s the guy, all ready to be eaten. Which we did.

Pre-decorated skulls

Post-decorated skulls



Joan’s skeletal hand

Lynn with her Venus lino cut. Lynn had never made a linoleum cut before, so it was particularly obnoxious to see how good her first two were. To check them out see her blog entry here. I used to like Lynn, but now I hate her. The nerve, doing such amazing prints first time, when Julia and I have done lots of linoleum prints and never got anything so cool. If she begs me (or at least makes me prints from the blocks), I might forgive her.

The day was a blast, and I’d like to thank my friends for coming over and making it so.

Blog Action Day

I just got back from my morning walk to find out it’s blog action day, a day when bloggers talk about a single issue, this time it’s the environment. It fits nicely, because I passed by my small garden and picked a tomato and a green pepper. I’m very proud of my garden this year, it’s been a long time since I’ve managed to keep a garden watered until I got vegetables. This past weekend I made stuffed peppers with peppers and tomatoes from the garden. There’s a lot of pride in growing food, I highly recommend it.