Where I stood, enjoying fall

The fall weather has been beautiful, and we took out a little time from our many projects to enjoy the company of a friend visiting from out of town.

Long shadows.

Cici and me.

It’s also the time of year for one of my favorites, fried green tomatoes!

Yum!   Of course, if you dip most anything in egg then breadcrumbs and cornmeal, it’s gonna taste good fried!


Some leaders are born, some are made.   Some lead by example, some through teaching, some through intimidation.   I lead through bribery.   I brought Day of the Dead skull cookies to the last ATC meeting.   Everyone is happier with a cookie in their mouth.

Where I stood, double blogging

I’ve recently started blogging for an online newspaper, The Plymouth Patch.  The editor was looking for someone who could talk about the things that go on in my part of Plymouth, Old Village (or as we call it, the funky side of town.)  I’ve taken on the task, for now, and I’ve written two posts.  You can read them here and  here.

I’d especially like to ask my gluten free friends to take note of the post about the G-Free beer at Liberty Street Brewing, so far it isn’t selling real well, and it’s quite tasty.  I don’t think enough folks know its there.  If you need someone with whom to have a beer, you can always call me.

Henny Penny condensed

You remember the story of Henny Penny?   No, not the sky is falling, that’s Chicken Little.   Henny Penny went around asking her friends “Who will help me plant the wheat?” and “Who will help me knead the dough?”   and “Who will help me bake the bread?” and all her friends answer “Not I!”   When she gets to the question “Who will help me eat the bread?” they’re all in, but Henny Penny just gives them a good scolding and eats the bread herself.

This version is a little different.   Jim asked “Who will help me pick the hops?” and he got lots of “I will!” responses.   You see, we all want to be invited when he says “Who will help me drink the beer?”

Hops on the vine.

De-hopping the vines.

Many hands make light work.

Jim with the harvest.

Where I stood, trimming a cherry tree

My feet, among the cherry blossoms.

Mark is in the tree.   In our constant battle against cherry brown rot, we are trying to thin out the too big and unruly tree.   The idea is to make sure lots of air can pass through the tree, and the branches aren’t crowding each other.

It’s amazing how much tree you can cut out and still have lots of tree.

The supervisor is not pleased.

Where I stood, sleeping in….

I am 55 years old, and I was born in 1955.   I shot awake this morning at 5:55.   I would think this was some great omen, but it turns out it was just indigestion.

What could it be, it’s true I was at a party last night, but I didn’t over do it.   It couldn’t be the beer, I only had one bottle.   It couldn’t be the   wine, I only had one glass.   It couldn’t be the spiked eggnog, I only had one cup.   It couldn’t be the Irish creme, I only had one cup.   It couldn’t be the pudding shots, they were so small, and I only had one.   It must have been that maraschino cherry in the apple-tini!