strohsThis is what I grew up drinking.  Well, not quite this, this:

strohswith its cool-o cork-lined bottle cap.  I loved trying to get the cork out of the cap when I was a kid.

It was the first time I ever saw the word Bohemian, and I can’t help but still relate that word to beer.  I’m very happy to have it brewed in Detroit again.  When I was in college, the Stroh’s brewery tour (with free popcorn) was often my lunch.  Welcome back, Stroh, I’ve missed you.

In praise of food

The other day I made myself a lovely baked pasta, and yesterday I made a chick pea and eggplant casserole.  One of the nicest things about being human is all the different kinds of food we get to eat.  Food is a great reason to get together with friends, a great gift to show someone how you feel, and often a wonderful comfort when you’re looking for some solace.  I’ve been thinking about food recently.   

Finding your morels

While up north, Mark and I visited our friends Todd and Deb.

They had just been out mushroom hunting, and found a pretty good supply of morel mushrooms!   (very yummy!)

They took us to the secret hunting ground and we found a few more.   Now it’s your turn, can you find the morel mushroom in this picture?

A wonderful weekend celebration

Shelly is getting married, and for a bachelorette party a bunch of us neighborhood girls went wine tasting on the Leelanau peninsula!   It was a wonderful time of too much celebrating and not enough photos, but I did document some of the wineries we hit.

I also got this great shot of the bride and her mama!   It was a wonderful time, and I am grateful to the folks that put it all together!

Getting through a long drive

On the long drive home from North Carolina, I needed help to get me through the trip.   The first help I got was something wonderful to look at,   most the trip was dotted with beautiful dogwood and red-bud trees.

This does not begin to capture the beauty of dogwoods.   The way their branches reach out in graceful horizontal clusters of white blooms is amazing.   Give me dogwoods any day!

The other help that got me through was gas station French vanilla cappuccino and fig newtons.

I do think I’ve managed to captured the beauty of a gas station cappuccino machine here, however.