The light celebration dlectricity was this past weekend. It is a wonderful time wandering through all the lights in Midwtown, Detroit. Here are some of my very favorites from the festival.

delectricity a delectricity b

This was my favorite of the evening.  It is OMO TRIP by the mieDAsie Group. It was a pile of forgotten stuff, trash, with projections that fit the piece in various ways.  Alive and changing, this piece fascinated me.

delectricity c

MechanoShards by Apetechnology, robotic light shards dance with each other.

delectricity d

Someone twirling a lighted hoop, what fun.

delectricity e

Wonderful huge projections on both the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Detroit Public Library (P.O.V. by Mindfield) overwhelmed Woodward.

delectricity g

The Erudition by Kelly Richardson on the Michigan Science Center walls gave us an eerie landscape to enjoy.

delectricity h

My second favorite, these wonderful lit knitted plastic bag columns were so much fun to walk around.  Called Thank you, Thank you, Thank you by Julie Hinzmann and Shawn Saharko, these plastic bags can hold light and ideas as well as groceries.


Bikes with lights!  We didn’t get to see the bike parade, but there were still plenty of lighted bikes driving around. A truly beautiful evening!

Where I stood, at another Dally

I love nothing more than hanging out at Dally in the Alley! I met up with wonderful friends and got to see a lot of beautiful people and beautiful things. Here’s just a sample.

my feet, Issy feet

My feet, Issy feet

Alan and Mark have a lot in common

Alan and Mark have a lot in common

cool glasses

Cool glasses

strohs guy

Strohs guy

pink boots

Pink boots

Mark buys a confession

Mark buys a confession

Crown Royal

Crown Royal

Main line

Main line

Mark, Issy and bookMark W and Issy

Issy buys a dress

Issy buys a dress




Another Detroit Bus Tour

busMark and I took another Detroit Bus Tour this week!

Soldiers' and Sailors' monumentslady with shieldWe looked at monuments,

detail from Masonic Temple little guy from Masonic Templechecked out some architecture,

Pingree statuetalked about mayors,

Navin fieldand watched some of a pick-up game at the former Tiger Stadium.  (I still can’t believe the whole stadium fit in this field!)

Z deckWe parked in Z deck, with all its art.

Mark and busWe even got to stop at a bar for a drink, a good Sunday afternoon.

Where I stood, wandering the night

cat feetToday is a day for staying home and getting stuff done.  Perhaps Harmony will help me.  Last night was a day for celebrating at Noel Night.It was a strange Noel Night for me, we never made it to a museum.

Katie and Jeff greet the ice princessWe started at Campus Martius where Jeff and Katie greeted the ice queen.

shielded lionWe checked out lots of little shops, got some Christmas shopping done, and looked at Detroit architecture.

two guitar triosThen we went to The Music Box in the Max M. Fisher music center to see The California Guitar Trio and The Montreal Guitar Trio perform together.  Two trios equal one sextet.

earth harpWe caught a little of William Close and the Earth Harp Collective, with the Earth Harp strung across the newly renovated historic Garden Theater, all the way from the stage to the balcony.  We were under the instrument.

After that we ended with a tour of the WDET studios given by Rob Reinhart.  You could never see half of what goes on at Noel Night, if you talked to 10 different friends they would probably never cross paths.  Noel Night gets bigger every year, it is a truly wonderful Detroit experience.