Meet Rhythm

Quite some time ago I introduced you to my evil cat, Harmony. Now it’s time to meet the sweet cat, Rhythm. Wikipedia defines rhythm as “the variation of the length and accentuation of a series of sounds or other events” I think she qualifies an “other events”

Rhythm is not happy about that flashing in her eyes. If she didn’t move so much, I wouldn’t need the flashing.

Rhythm LOVES to drink water from the faucet. Fortunately, she has not learned how to turn on the faucet yet. Here, she is threatening me, “if you don’t turn on that faucet….”.

Here she is, next to her beloved faucet.

Rhythm at the edge of my bed, giving me the winky eye.

This is how most my photos of her come out!

Mark comes to bed very late, anytime from one a.m. to five or six a.m., and Rhythm usually comes to bed with him. She finds a spot between us, and watches TV with Mark. Mark tries to watch shows Rhythm likes.

Harmony and Rhythm both had the pleasure of visiting the vet yesterday. I’m pleased to say, Rhythm has only gained two ounces! (Harmony’s up a couple of pounds, but she wasn’t full grown at her last weigh-in.) The vet proclaimed them both healthy.

Where as Harmony has many nicknames (pest, fancy pants, anti-christ, furry cat, jingles), Rhythm is usually just Rhythm or grey cat. She has a beautiful grey coat, and we think she probably has some Russian Blue in her. She is sweet, and generally hides if many people are over. You can usually find her under our bed, I think it’s one place Harmony leaves her alone.


Let me introduce you to the unharmonious Harmony.

Harmony has done a little damage around our house. This is the grill cloth from a 1938 Sparton console radio, grill cloth that survived decades, until Harmony came along.

And this is the way Harmony feels about our wallpaper. I am always reminded of Oscar Wilde’s last words, “Either that wallpaper goes, or I do.” Harmony is a bit more determined than Wilde.

Harmony is our evil kitty, I will introduce you to my good kitty at a later date.