Artist's Trading Cards meeting

Man, what a time I had last night!   We had a meeting of our Artist’s Trading Cards group, and we have been working on something very different for us.   Usually we work in paper, but we decided to do a prayer flag exchange, and make fabric flags.   Everyone was given 20 squares of muslin with no instruction and a short description of prayer flags. Then we brought them all to the meeting last night and exchanged them.   I am astounded at the creativity of this group!   I haven’t yet had a chance to string my flags, but here are some photos of the exchange.

Fun with printing!

At our Artists’ Trading Meeting last night, we had a great time!   We carved stamps out of rubber erasers, some of them flower or animal shaped, most of them square.   We talked about how to make a print edition, and how to make a reduction print, and how to used your stamp to create your own art paper.   Everyone made such beautiful prints!!

Amazing, aren’t they?!