Last night Mark and I went to the Ann Arbor Summerfest Top fo the Park to see Hoodang, and had a great time!photo (99)

After the music, Top of the Park has movies, and last night it was The Blues Brothers.  I wasn’t planning on staying for the entire movie, maybe just some of my favorite parts like when Aretha sing Think, but I asked Mark what his favorite part of the movie is and he confessed that though he’d seen most of it, he’d never seen the whole movie beginning to end.  Well, now he has.

Where I stood, er, sat, in a canoe

spider feet

My feet, sharing a canoe with a spider.  Mark and I went canoeing down the Huron River today!

cast of charactersThis is the cast of characters that went canoeing and kayaking with us.

boats and treesWe maneuvered around many trees, this is where the tornado hit Dexter about a year ago.

deerWe got to see deer crossing the river.

turtlesTurtles were sunning themselves on the banks.

heronWe even saw a great blue heron, doing a very good job of camouflage.

Bill and DianaThank you, Bill and Diana, for such a great time!