Pentagram series

Well, yesterday didn’t go as well as hoped, the brewery I wanted to visit was closed, (maybe I should read the link I put in my blog), our friends were busy, and the tubes Mark bought were nothing amazing. But we had fun, I liked walking all around the Gibraltar Trade Center, though all I could find to buy was some Amish cheese and noodles. Mark did make it up to me by stopping at the Woodward Avenue Brewery for dinner. I probably should have gone for their Vanilla Porter, the Porter I chose (sorry, don’t remember the name) was bitter, which was cool, but not as “chewy” as I like.

I promised you some watercolors, here are the first three.

Four little boxes

The past couple of days I’ve been working on little boxes for presents. I finished them last night and am pretty happy with how they came out. This is the second go, I put them together and hated the watercolors I did for the fronts, so I redid them. I’m happy I did.

Gin and Tonics

Yes, that’s what I’m drinking. And I’m just now starting to feel human. I am tired of snow, and of shoveling. My back hurts, and I’m sleeping. A lot. Yesterday, when all I could think is how much I hate snow and how much I hate being a “landlady”, I told Mark that I loved him, but I don’t know how I got here. He smiled pathetically, and pointed at the back door. Thanks. Yeah, that’s how I got here.

I bought a pineapple the other day, and Mark told me I should cut it up, it’s ripe. Silly Mark, thinking I bought a pineapple to eat. I did cut it up, but not before I did a few studies.

Pineapple study I

Pineapple study II

Pineapple study III

Many years ago, when I was working for my sister Jane, a coworker gave me a pineapple for Christmas because I’m a vegetarian. I loved it, and drew it many times before eating it. I do try to pick one up occasionally and draw, they are so intricate and interesting, a grid set on it’s side, I do love them. And they taste good.

Yes, the gin and tonic is working. I feel much better. I hope this entry makes sense.