Learn something new

Langurs are a vegetarian, eating mostly leaves.   Usually they live in groups of anywhere from eight to twenty five monkeys, and the group ranges over an extended territory.   They are the largest of Asiatic monkeys.   They are very family oriented.   This langur is named Albert and is very fond of eating blossoms.

Wallabies live on rocky hillsides in Australia.   This is a ring-tailed wallaby.   They are great climbers and jumpers.   They jump into trees and leap into fissures.   They are quite adept at scrambling up sheer rock faces.   Wallabies are known to rest during the day and stir into activity in the late afternoon.   Maybe I’m married to a wallaby, that sounds like Mark.   This wallaby is named Jennifer.

Where I stood..

 Alright, a day late and a dollar short.   But I was standing, er sitting, in a very cool place yesterday.   I was invited to the private friends and family opening of Liberty Street Brewing.

These are my feet on my bar stool.

And this is the handsome proprietor, Jim.     He looks very natural behind a bar.

This is beer.   Yum.

Eric and Jenna turned out for the festivities.

As did Ann, Shirley, and Diane.

For some reason, the waitstaff already calls Scott by his last name, and he’s already a regular, and they’re not even officially open.   It’s quite a talent Scott has.

One happy camper.

Somehow Mark’s hat got passed around.   Check out Anne in it.

And Scott.


Last night Lynn and her mother opened their house to all the art club members, and we all had a great time.

I think Dooley is a stuffed toy, he’s too cute and well behaved to be a real dog.

Kate and Mary are definitely cute, but maybe not so well behaved.

After this party, Mark and I went on to Jim’s party, where I forgot to bring my camera.   I was bummed I’d forgotten my camera, but by the time the blow-up doll and, well, other things made their appearance, I was glad I left the camera home.


Well, look at what was in my inbox this morning!!

Liberty Street Brewing Company will open for business on Monday December 8th at 11:00 AM!

We are very excited to announce that we have successfully passed all inspections for local, State and Federal governments, and will officially open on Monday morning.   The brewhouse is complete and to date we have brewed four batches with the fifth being brewed today.   With the small batches brewed on the pilot system before the main brewery was done, we should be able to present 5 beers on that opening date.   There is a Blond Ale, Dry Irish Stout, an American IPA, Mild Brown Ale, and an Amber Red Ale.   We will also be serving hard cider as well, and expect our small winery license to come through soon so we can begin wine and mead sales.

We will open with our full food menu which is comprised mainly of appetizers and sandwiches.   We have house blended root beer and even vanilla ice cream for those who would like to try a float.   Fresh popped pop corn is free to customers, and designated drivers are welcome to enjoy free soda pop other than the root beer.

Please join us in a more elegant and refined atmosphere to enjoy great hand crafted beers and remember, there is no smoking anywhere in the building, so families are welcome to gather and enjoy a very relaxing and comfortable environment.

So from the entire staff at Liberty Street Brewing Company, we would like to thank everyone for their patience and support.   We look forward to meeting each and every one of you, and appreciate your future patronage.

Jim Satterfield & Joe Walters
Liberty Street Brewing Company

I know ya could do it!!   Yeahhh!!