Developing a creative tool

Last night at my Artists’ Trading cards group we made ourselves a deck of cards.  Not an ordinary deck, but a deck to get you out of a creative funk.  It is full of suggestions and ideas to get you moving when you reach the point where you don’t know what to do.  It’s our own version of von Oech’s “The Creative Whack Pack” or Brian Eno’s “Oblique Strategies,” very simplified, but a lot of fun.

This is a photo of the cards laid out, with some sea monster ATC’s added in.  I also scanned the cards so you can see what they say, because that’s the important thing!

I’m very impressed with the creativity of this group.  I didn’t give them any time to plan, they just had to start writing down ideas.  I’m excited to use them!

Printing designs

This morning I was seduced by a piece of rubber.  I could see a design in it that wasn’t there yet, so I carved it in the rubber and printed it.  It’s not for anything right now except my entertainment.  This happens when you decide to clean off a couple of shelves.  Instead of finding a new home for the piece of rubber, you stop everything and carve and print it.  And now I’ve got a piece of carved rubber that needs a home.

Still, I’m not calling it a waste of time.  I like my designs, I’m sure they’ll show up somewhere.