Today is a small milestone in my life, for it was five years ago today I wrote my first blog post.   I started Leannderthal on October 11, 2007.   People blog for many different reasons, some to get their points of view across, some to share their work, some to document progress, some to keep in touch with friends and family, some to rant and rave.   I’m sure I’ve done all of those on this blog, but the real reason I started it was to force myself to keep making art.   Without the blog it was easy for me to come up with great ideas and constantly think “I’ll work on it tomorrow.”   Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.   This blog is like a constant deadline for me, something I need to keep making work to please myself.     Now I think, “If I don’t get it made, I can’t blog about it.” and so I make it.   I do love having an audience, but I don’t worry about how large it is or if I am boring them, you can always stop visiting.   This blog is for me, so I don’t worry if there are too many family photos or to little political content.   The blog makes me happy.

My goal was to post three times a week on average, and I’m proud to say I’m closer to four and a half times a week, I feel pretty good about that.   The blog keeps me looking for interesting things.   It has done a great job of recording the moments of my life.   I’ll keep blogging as long as I enjoy it.   Here’s to the next five years!

Thank you, Kari, for telling me I need a blog and setting it up.   I really appreciate it!

Where I stood, at Dlectricity!

Ah, the welcoming sidewalks of Detroit.   The blood had washed away in the rain, but the spray paint remains to remind you.

Mark and I went down to midtown Friday night to check out the Dlectricity festival.   What a blast!

My personal favorite, Velociplosion is a tangible bike explosion in space, by Chidester and Malek.

Let’s Dance at MOCAD, where you could dance, warm up, drink, and eat cotton candy.   Let’s Dance by Olsen.

Work by Moffett.

These lasers shooting out of the Charles H. Wright Museum were by Mattern, and looked especially great in the rain.   The raindrops caught the laser light so you could see the beams.

Whale by Oliver was an ever changing painting of a nearly life-sized frolicking whale.

This was also exceptional, Dolefullhouse was an animated projection of hands filling a doll house on the back of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

This is only a small sampling of all the craziness going on, I hope Dlectricity comes back every year!

Central Park

There is so much to do in New York, somehow I always end up in Central Park.

A beautiful fountain, with rowboats in the background.

Shakespeare in the park.

Tiny sailboats drift across a pond.

This is Alice in Wonderland’s hand.

There is so much pretty masonry in the park.

I’m quite fond of this face.

There were lots of turtles, I think this one is Jennifer.

On to New York!

The flags at Rockefeller Center

Tim and Sigrid.   I know some strange people.

A totem pole in a community garden

A couple of lions


Tyler, a very interesting friend of Tim’s, let me hold his fossilized prehistoric ostrich egg.

A contemplative Tim.

Mark and I painted Tim’s bathroom ceiling.   Did Tim ask to have his ceiling painted?   No.   You never know what we’ll decide to do.