Henny Penny condensed

You remember the story of Henny Penny?   No, not the sky is falling, that’s Chicken Little.   Henny Penny went around asking her friends “Who will help me plant the wheat?” and “Who will help me knead the dough?”   and “Who will help me bake the bread?” and all her friends answer “Not I!”   When she gets to the question “Who will help me eat the bread?” they’re all in, but Henny Penny just gives them a good scolding and eats the bread herself.

This version is a little different.   Jim asked “Who will help me pick the hops?” and he got lots of “I will!” responses.   You see, we all want to be invited when he says “Who will help me drink the beer?”

Hops on the vine.

De-hopping the vines.

Many hands make light work.

Jim with the harvest.

And the work continues…

on the house project.   The upstairs is mostly done, the main floor, still needs a bit of work.

Mark and Rex planning to widen the opening to the upstairs.

Mark is installing lighting in the kitchen.

I’m painting, looks like one coat won’t be enough.

The new doorway to the upstairs is open.

We’ve been spending a lot of time here, I wish it showed more.   Someday we’ll finish this beast.