Mark and Leann go west, vol 4

The trip back from out west went easier than the trip there.   On the way to Wyoming, we were pretty sure the roads were actually conveyor belts, pushing us backward as we went forward through Iowa and Nebraska.   That also explains why the landscape didn’t change.     On the way home, we made several stops.   The first was just outside Boulder, Colorado to visit my good friends Missy and Fred.

This is them luxuriating in Thier back yard.

This is me with Missy.   Missy is a little vertically challenged.   I feel a little like a giant.

This is the wonderful Emmitt.   Emmitt the pug is Missy’s muse.

Emmitt is so sincere, don’t you just love him?

This is Gilbert.

Currently they are experiencing a problem with rabbits.   I don’t consider it a problem, I think it’s nice to see bunnies everywhere.   Of course, I’m not trying to grow a garden there.

This is a magpie.   I don’t get to see them often, I thought he was pretty cool looking.

It was a wonderful stop, Fred and Missy graciously put us up for three days.   Missy and I worked together years ago, she is a dear friend and a treasure.     Mark and I had a fantastic time catching up with them.

Mark and Leann go west, vol 3

This is the lodge we stayed at in Wyoming with Mark’s family.   You had to take uphill road to get there, and never was a road more appropriately named.   It felt like a ninety degree angle.   We were happy every time we made it up there!

When we did make it to the lodge, not only was the place luxurious, but the views were incredible!

Mark and I hiked over to the next mountain, that was made of blue/green spotted rocks.

We found several little shelters on top of the mountain.   They didn’t look real comfortable, so we went back to the lodge.

Mark and Leann go west, vol 1

Mark and I just got back from an amazing vacation out west.   We had a big time, and hung out with some amazing folk.   The next few posts will be about this trip.

First stop was outside of Chicago to do a radio swap meet.   I didn’t get any pics of the swap meet, but Mark and I did go downtown for dinner, and Chicago was filled with bicycles!

They had   clogged the streets, and weren’t letting cars pass.   Eventually they let us through.   We then drove across the country and looked at windmills.

After many, many miles of driving, we got out to Wyoming where we looked at Mark’s relatives.

we looked at them very closely.


Some of them seem to have the same smile.

It was really wonderful having so many of them together, and getting to know my nieces and nephews as adults.

In Yellowstone we found some wildlife, big and small.

We waited for Old Faithful.

Then we watched it go!


This is what I’m working on:

It’s for a show about home.   I love home, but I also love getting away from home.   I based this on a Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign,   and the words are “Oost West Thuis Best” which means “East West Home Best”.   I made it out of old maps, showing my love for travel, but my belief that home is best.   I don’t know if it is done yet, I’m waiting for it to tell me.

Veteran’s park

The other day I was walking by Veteran’s Park in Plymouth, and I took some pictures.

My favorite part is this Civil War memorial, I think it’s beautiful.

This is the stone wall that surrounds the back of it, due to some hard work and fund raising of some locals it was recently refurbished instead of replaced with a modern facsimile of fake stones.   It’s nice to see it all together now.

This is the cannon that used to be in Cannon Park in Old Village.   It does belong in Veteran’s Park, but it’s left us wondering what to call our park now.   Our friend Dave wants to call it Cannonless Park, while Mark favors Can’ton Park.