Almost done!

It was popular to paint the ceiling of your Victorian porch sky blue, no matter what colors you painted the house, so you could always make believe it was a clear, sunny day.   Mark and I don’t have the new steps yet, or the lattice that goes around the bottom, or much of the paint, but we’ve already got the sky blue ceiling!

1976 Ford Econoline

Let me introduce you to an interesting mode of transportation.   This is our van.   It is not our everyday driver, but it is the vehicle of choice when we’re hauling radio parts to swap meets in Lansing.

I think it’s a very interesting looking beast.

Mark likes it because it holds all the stuff we need (and some stuff we don’t).

See the Stroh’s box?   Pretty cool, huh?

It’s the singer, not the song

Yesterday started out strangely enough.   Mark had sent my sister a link to a you tube video, knowing that part of Jane’s ill spent youth was as a member of the Rationals fan club.   This is what he sent:

rationals zip-a-dee-doo-dah

While I listened to it I remembered that Towns Van Zandt ( I think it was Towns, not 100% sure) said there are two kinds of music, zip-a-dee-doo-dah and blues.   I guess little Scottie Morgan didn’t get the memo, because that is the bluesiest, smokenist version of “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah” ever heard by man!

I knew the day would end well, we were going to the Ark in Ann Arbor to see Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women.   Dave’s band is all women now, including Sarah Brown on bass, Christy McWilson on vocals, and Cindy Cashdollar who absolutely tore it up on the lap steel.   (How do you get a name like Cashdollar, anyway?)   Dave was incredible as always, and his band was phenomenal!   The thing is, by the end of the set Dave had done most his really rockin’ stuff, and had already wailed on “Marie Marie,” so I couldn’t imagine what he was planning for an encore.

Wouldn’t you know, a day that starts with Walt Disney’s “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah” would end with a totally rockin’ version of Doris Day’s ” Que Sera Sera?”   Amazing.