Where I stood, mourning my plants

dead plant feetEvery fall we put our outdoor potted plants in the unheated sun room, and most of them make it through the winter.  This year, the protection of the walls wasn’t enough, too many below zero temps have killed off most of them.  Usually I can keep the geraniums over the winter, but this spring we’ll buy new.  I’m looking forward to spring.  Meanwhile, here’s two cats that are too tired to fight.too tired to fight

Changes in Tempo

Tempo the kitten is getting less and less kittenish. The bigger she gets, the more this house feels full of cats. There is cat presence everywhere, I am rarely in a room without a cat. They are everything from a gentle reminder of another life form sleeping in the corner to a major annoyance when I’m trying to get something done, but mostly it is absolutely delightful to have a cat or kitten nearby.

20141120_035808Tempo and Rhythm, taking a nap together

Tempo eats sauceDear Tempo eats everything, here she is eating somewhat spicey spaghetti sauce. She hasn’t been sick a day in her short life yet, so I don’t worry to much if she gets a little people food.

sleeping kitty


A rare sight.  I think Tempo is Quantum, she seems to be everywhere at once. You remember the game Rock, Paper, Scissors? I play it with Tempo, except it is Kitten, Paper. Newspaper covers Kitten, Kitten shreds Newspaper. Kitten always wins.

Where I stood, feeding a small cat

Tempo having lunch


This is Tempo having lunch off a yellow plastic lid, on her placemat because she is still quite messy.

Yes, Tempo is growing. She has gained a pound. Doesn’t sound like much, but she was ten ounces, so she’s more than doubled her weight! She is also learning to pounce, run, jump, and climb. In fact, Ms. Who-dini can also climb out of her tub, hence the tape around the top edges. She’s a very smart cat. She is very entertaining, and occasionally very scary.