BMC factory

This is the BMC factory in Plymouth. It has been (obviously) vacant for many years, and used as graffiti canvas. It is beyond vast on the inside, much larger than you would imagine when looking at the front of the building. Absolutely beautiful, cathedral-like when you get inside, but undoubtedly it was a terrible place to have worked. They will start tearing it down this weekend. I’m glad I got a good look at it before it’s gone!

My new blog

Welcome to my blog. My name is Leann Meixner. I am an artist living in Plymouth, Michigan, and I’ve finally decided to jump on the blogwagon. I live with my husband Mark and our two cats, the pure and good Rhythm and the evil Harmony.

Today was a downtown Detroit day, my friend Julia and I went to MOCAD.   MOCAD is the Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit.   It was a very happy day, lots of art containing lots of words.

This is me, enjoying a morning cup of coffee on a recent trip to NYC.