Possible Botany Quilt

I made a botany quilt for one of the art groups to which I belong, and it looks like we will eventually have a show. The problem? We’ll all have to make several to fill the space. I’ve started thinking about the next one, and even working on something that, who knows, might turn into something. (If it does, it will be a long road!) Remembering that my friend Joan was telling me about covering fabric with cement, I decided to mix some media. I quickly put together a patchy ugly small art quilt. Then I brought in a bunch of leaves and laid them on the quilt. I then went down into our very creepy basement and found the spackling paste, added paint, and squeegeed the spackling paste over the quilt and leaves. A Borders reward card works well as a squeegee. Then I discarded the leaves. It’s pretty much a mess right now, but it’s a mess I kind of like, and I’m leaving it around to see if it will talk to me.

Godfathers of Groove

Friday night Mark and I met our friend Greg Baise at the Music Hall Cafe to see the Godfathers of Groove. What a night! Grant Green Jr., jazz guitarist, follows in his father’s funky footsteps. Listen to Reuben Wilson on his Hammond B organ and you know why he’s called the godfather of acid-jazz. But the highlight for us was Bernard “Pretty” Purdie on drums. This man has played on over 3000 albums to date, working with the likes of Aretha, Paul Butterfield, Miles Davis, Cat Stevens, Isaac Hayes, Al Kooper, Steely Dan, B. B. Ding, and Hank Crawford, just to name a few. And yes, Greg found out what he wanted to know, Pretty Purdie is the man they called in to “fix” quite a few Beatles tracks! Greg managed to snag this shot at the show!

Dia de Los Muertos

Yesterday I went on a dia de los muertos or day of the dead walking tour with Julia and Lynn. We started at the Mexicantown Mercado, went on through Mexican town to have margaritas with lunch, see offerendas at St. Anne church, buy cheap, warm tortillas at the tortilla factory, checked out vendors at the Plaza del Sol International Center, and generally have a wonderful time. At the GM gallery in the Mercado we got to visit with Hector Perez, and artist working in the Mexican tradition. He was truly a fountain of knowledge. I was especially impressed with his linoleum prints. Here are some photographs from our day.

A chicken perches in one of the offerendas.

Two sugar skulls.

A cross hangs above an offerenda.

Another offerenda.

The logo from the Honey Bee grocery.

Lynn and Julia.

Lynn has asked me to join her in her Sunday “Where I Stand” posts. These are my feet checking out a bit of graffiti that I find amusing.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. This morning I did a healing/empowering ritual for a friend in need, I hope it helps him.

Pumkin Muffins

I’ve been eating lots of pumpkin muffins My friend Kari gave to me and Mark for our Anniversary. She also gave me politically correct coffee, and an amazing skull bag!

Today is the day of the dead, so I thought I show you another shrine, one that would have benefited greatly from some sort of theme.

More Bad Small Watercolors

Today is Halloween, and also my anniversary. It started with the sewer backing up, not a lot of fun. But soon I’m going out for a nice dinner with Mark, and things are getting better.

It’s time for me to write some thank you notes, and as usual I wrote them on postcards I made myself. The first two are thank you’s for Halloween parties, and the last is to let my friend in NYC know that columbine is a pretty flower, and doesn’t really just mean students shooting up a school.

Little Trees

Mark is trying to populate our community with trees, mostly sycamores and maples, so of course this make me planter girl. These are a few of the trees we’ve been planting by the streets of Old Village. I hope they are happy in their new homes.