About Leann

Leann Meixner, artist

Home: Plymouth, Michigan

I enjoy many forms of art, including embroidery, doll making, watercolors, art quilts, printmaking, collage work, and all things strange. I travel whenever I can, invite me to your town!

One thought on “About Leann”

  1. Greetings Leann!

    Just discovered your photos of The Marche du Nain Rouge, and am loving the ones you captured of me! I was attending as my alter-ego, Tundra May Fury…the tall red-headed creature with the enormous muff! Is there any way that I could get a high-res of those photos?
    The one pic of our feet is just too much!

    My best,

    Max Darling (aka Tundra May!)

    p.s. I still don’t know how we walked four miles in those heels, and then went dancing…(though I am feeling it NOW!)

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