The box

boxHmmmm…What’s in the box? ¬†Shall we have a look?

inside boxLet’s start pulling things out and see.

beware boxThis one says “beware”, I think we’ll leave it alone for now.

artist's infoThere’s some info on the artist.

printsThere are various prints.

book of printsThere’s even a book of prints.

deck of cardsAnyone for a game of gin?

postcardsHere’s some postcards.

voodoo dollsOf course we have voodoo dolls.

beware boxIt’s time to get back to this box, what could be inside?

bee wearOh, how silly!

Comments (2)

  1. o.m.g. — wow…just, WOW

    And I love the outside, too!

  2. I love your box – I have several – filled with way too much fun.

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