The box

boxHmmmm…What’s in the box? ¬†Shall we have a look?

inside boxLet’s start pulling things out and see.

beware boxThis one says “beware”, I think we’ll leave it alone for now.

artist's infoThere’s some info on the artist.

printsThere are various prints.

book of printsThere’s even a book of prints.

deck of cardsAnyone for a game of gin?

postcardsHere’s some postcards.

voodoo dollsOf course we have voodoo dolls.

beware boxIt’s time to get back to this box, what could be inside?

bee wearOh, how silly!

2 Responses to “The box”

  1. Took Gallagher

    o.m.g. — wow…just, WOW

    And I love the outside, too!

  2. Pattie

    I love your box – I have several – filled with way too much fun.

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