I’m getting a little tired of them. We had to chase one out of our upstairs neighbor’s kitchen last week at 3 a.m., and chase another one (or possibly the same one, I didn’t look that close) out of our dining room last night around midnight. I carved this image of a mama bat about a year ago. I don’t think the two recent visitors were mama bats, but again I didn’t have a chance to look at them close to see if they had babies hanging off them. I hope not, it was scary enough for the poor bat. And for me. Whenever the bat flew toward me I ducked. Mark kept telling me to stop ducking, but I pointed out that I was neither shrieking nor hiding under the covers, he should be happy with what he’s got. They always show up late at night, a time of day that is much better suited for my husband than for me, I do not think rationally after 11:30 at night. OK, you can make an argument that I don’t think rationally during the day, either, but it’s even less rational at night. Do you think carving an image of a bat might be some sort of magic spell that brought the bats to our house? Hmmmm…., maybe I’ll carve a picture of money next, or George Clooney.

3 thoughts on “Bats!”

  1. Listen Honey,
    Carve George Clooney–you may not have money, you may have bats but you would have George Clooney! What else matters? He could eat crackers in my bed any day!

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