Details at the DIA, part one

I’ve always considered the Detroit Institute of Arts my museum.  I’ve been a member since I went to school at the College for Art and Design near the institute.  On a recent visit I picked out a dozen pieces, and took close up photos.  They are not necessarily my favorites, but they do all inspire me greatly.  Here are detail shots of the first six.

George Morrison 1919-2000 "New England Landscape" 1965-6
Raymond Johnson 1927-1995 "January/February" 1966
Romare Beardon 1914-1988 "Quilting Time" 1986
Henry Moore 1898-1986 "Reclining Figure" 1939
Mark Rothko 1903-1970 "Orange, Brown" 1963
Nancy Graves 1940-1995 "Variability of Similar Froms" 1970

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