The Old Village Car Show

Sunday was the annual Old Village Car Show (Bumpers, Bikes and Blues), in Plymouth.

An overview of the festivities.

An overview of the cars.

Danny Cash and the Dead Shorts.

My favorite Dead Short, Mark, with a rare smile.

The beautiful dunk tank girls.

Joe LeBeau blows for the Wiley Coyote Band.

Acouple of ne’er-do-wells, Eric and Jenna, takin’ in the sights.

Shelly, Shirley and Ann in deep conversation.

Mark steals my camera for a shoot-out with Christy.

Meanwhile her husband Matt plays with tools.

I won at bean toss. Really. Not that I sunk a single beanbag, just that I managed to get partnered with Danny Cash, who discovers that along with singing, playing guitar, roofing, and inventing, he’s damn good at tossing bean bags!

The tireless Rob, who hosted most of the festivities in the parking lot of his restaurant, Station 885.

Hey, I made Skull-a-day today!! Yeah!!!

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