Summer heat

I saw a t-shirt once that explained how you can tell temperature by cats. The colder it is, the smaller and rounder the cat, as it gets warmer, the cats get longer. This is true, and it’s been hot. The fuzzy beasts that live in my house and so often try to look cute, pleading for attention, as of late don’t care. They have a “don’t touch me, I’m hot” look in their half closed eyes.

This is Rhythm on the back steps. She no longer cares about her belly hanging out, she just wants to shimmy out of the fur coat.

This is Harmony trying to expose as much of her body as possible to any breeze we might create as we walk by. Mark took these pictures. He also took one of me sprawled out, but this is my blog, and you’re not going to see that one.

One thought on “Summer heat”

  1. If you were a nice kitty momma you would aim a fan at them.

    We got a little fan for the living room and every time we open the windows, we turn it on because Dooley has too much fur to cool off just from a breeze.

    Set up a fan for your kitties.

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