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A few recent things have got me thinking about records. You know, “albums”, the thirty three and a third long playing things of our youth. First, Kari introduced me to “The story of stuff“, which I found extremely interesting. However, Annie Leonard opens with an iPod, and I started thinking that actually music takes up very little space compared to the way we used to buy it. Then Lynn posted about filling her iPod, and got me thinking about albums even more. I admit, it’s great to carry huge volumes of music around on a tiny plastic square, but boy, I miss those album covers. I’ve loved them and pored over the liner notes since I was first buying music by this band:

Though Herman wasn’t the best for cover art, he was the “boy band” music of my childhood.

The Velvet Underground & Nico, produced by Andy Warhol. Everyone who knows me knows this is my absolute desert island pick. This has been on the top of my list since it came out in 1967. I was turning twelve that year, and I am eternally grateful to my mother for letting me listen to music about drugs and kinky sex in my room. This is a Japanese pressing, with the banana sticker still in place. I peeled the sticker off the first one, and played the hell out of it, until it had to be replaced. (I was very nervous about peeling the banana sticker when I first got it, but of course, there’s a photo of a peeled banana under the sticker. Very Warhol.) Needless to say, I also have it on cd.

This is another one I’ve listened to over and over again. Blood, Sweat and Tears, Child is Father to the Man. The photo has each member of the band holding a child, with the band member’s face. Very creepy at the time.

Ah, the Rolling Stones. Remember this one? It’s got that plastic 3-d cover, like those cheap Jesus pictures. Depending on the angle, Mick’s hands are together or apart, Brian is looking at you or has his head turned, etc. Very cool. The inside is wonderful, too.

Looking for sweet soul music, give me Solomon!

A member of the Velvet’s strikes out on his own. Don’t you love the photo?

I’m a sucker for black and white photos, just like black and white movies. They say so much more. I love the cover of the Tom Waits, I think the image is astounding. And Lucinda. These two albums are full of heart and soul, two folks with very unique voices.

Siegel-Schwall, my introduction to blues. My sister bought this album in 1967, she’s a genius. I’m still in love with Jim Schwall.

Well, that’s just a brief tour of some of the music that made me what I am today. Scary, huh?

2 thoughts on “Remembering records”

  1. Ooo, thanks for sharing some of your great collection. Saw H.H.s in Denver at DU stadium about 1965. They were good – live, although the Beatles in 64, unfortunately were a little off key – live, I guess they probably couldn’t hear themselves due to fan adoration.

  2. Leann, you are such a kid. I love it that you have enthusiasm for the music of your youth, and express it this way. I had forgotten being like that, and kinda miss it.

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