Road trip

Yesterday Mark and I drove all over the countryside picking up radios. Mark found out about two gentlemen getting rid of radios, so we wound up with seven consoles in the back of the big van. We made a stop at a little neighborhood soul food take-out called Irene’s at Livernois and Eight Mile Road, good food. Next to the place was a bridal shop, I wasn’t paying attention until I saw a very pretty wedding dress in the window. It was unusual in that it faded to a silvery grey. I took pictures, but I had to put the camera against the window to eliminate glare, so you get the top half then the bottom half.

I commented to Mark that I thought it was pretty, he commented back that didn’t I notice the place had burned and the dress is covered in soot. My great powers of observation strike again.

I also finally got to go to Dragonmead, the brewery on Eleven Mile Road in Warren. They had so many interesting beers, I couldn’t begin to pick, I asked the server to make me up a nice flight of darker beers, stouts and porters, which she did. It was quite wonderful, I was especially taken with the 90 Shilling and the Imperial Stout. The server told me if I liked the 90 Shilling, I’d like their Under the Kilt, which they bottle, I will have to watch for it. Anyway, it inspired a silly drawing of a dragon out of me.

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