Flea markets

Today I received an open email from Lynn asking if the Dixieland Flea Market is worth stopping at, since she drives right by it. I’m not sure how to answer. I know I would stop in, I love flea markets. It a lot of cheap foreign-made junk, and there’s not the vintage clothing and booksellers there used to be, but I love looking at all the stuff, and I always find something. The people watching alone is always strange and interesting. Anyway, her question reminded me of one of Mark and my first dates. We went to the now defunct Ypsi flea market. As we were walking up to the front door, we had to walk around a huge Harley trike that was parked in the way. It was tricked out and had gathered a crowd. As I walked up to it, I slowed, then stopped to check it out, and turned to say something to Mark like “Sweet, huh?”. Mark was gone. A quick scan of the area and I found him entering the flea market. I ran up beside him and asked “Didn’t you see the trike parked out there!?” “Uh, yeah” he answered. This was a huge first in my dating career. A man who doesn’t stop to look at and lust for motorcycles. It turns out he has no interest in them whatsoever. I’ve dated men who wanted them, and men who owned them, but no interest at all? Wow, this was an all together different sort of creature. he still is, he still surprises me.

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