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For obvious reasons, this animal is called a red salamander.   This is Sylvester the   salamander, he has a neat trick.   He was born with gills, but soon lost them, and he didn’t grow lungs!   He breathes through his skin!   He is very shiny, very red, and likes the night life.   He has to, if he finds himself out in the sun he will dehydrate quickly.   Thus, he always dresses up as a vampire for Halloween.

Meet Petunia the   Paca.   She is 28″ tall, 24 pounds (she watches her weight), and dressed in a beautiful spotted fur.   She and her friends love water.   Swim, swim swim.   All day long.   If she’s scared she dives deep in the water.   She can hold her breath for many minutes, and loves getting wet.   Petunia, like all pacas, is a burrowing vegetarian.   Unlike all pacas, Petunia likes to sing.   She hopes to be an opera star some day.

Antonio, the Flycathcer, is a migratory bird.   He summers in Europe and winters in Africa.   Antonio is a loner, he just sits and waits for flies.   Much like the bums in New York, Antonio is very territorial.   He defends his fly catching spot vigorously.   Despite the wings, when Antonia is faced with fight or flight, he always picks fight.   He’s a bit of a thug.   Odd, considering he’s only five inches tall.

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  1. Very cool, more pages for your kids animal book you are going to publish some day! We have a kingbird that even looks like the flycatcher, they are good mosquito eaters – and I have discovered an evening bat that has been visiting around our yard light at night!! Keep on paintin’!

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