Belated Mother’s Day

How do you cook corn on the cob?     Were you aware that it microwaves quite nicely?   I think it tastes better when it is boiled, but I confess that’s all in my imagination, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t tell the difference if faced with two ears, one microwaved and one boiled.

Mark and I celebrated a belated Mother’s Day by having the families over for a cookout yesterday.   I decided to microwave the corn, so as not to fill the kitchen with steam.   Leave the corn in   the husk, and cut the ends off, shove them in the ‘wave for about three minutes an ear.   I had the time, they could cook and be out of the way, so I stuck 12 ears in the ‘wave for just over half an hour.   They would stay warm, and be ready when folks arrived.

Mark usually makes ribs for these cookouts, but this time decided burgers were the thing.   I bought the ground beef and formed the burgers for him to grill.   I only mention this because I think it’s odd that the person who formed the sort-of round patties has been a vegetarian for 38 years, and has never made a burger in her life.   Despite that, people seemed to enjoy the burgers, along with the chicken, potato salad, strawberry shortcake, and brownies that Mark and I made.   They also enjoyed beans from Gary and cupcakes from Jane.

Having put together a nice celebration, I was quite pleased with myself, until this morning.   I went to heat up water for my tea, and when I went to pop it in the microwave, guess what I found.   Yep.   Twelve ears of corn.   Rats.

5 thoughts on “Belated Mother’s Day”

  1. Every salad I have ever made for a dinner party, sat in the fridge until everyone had gone home. I just cannot visualize salad when setting food on the table. Maybe you have a corn shaped hole in your brain?

  2. the things we do as hosts that our guests never appreciate! Thank you for the concept of corn even if we never tasted it.

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