Our artists’ retreat

A group of us got together for a retreat Saturday, we called it “funk up your fabric”.

This is Mary, who put the whole thing together.   Thank you, Mary!

This is the piece Mary worked on all day, amazing, isn’t it?

Kate, very happy to be playing with fabric.

The contemplative and beautiful Lynn, who managed to make some beautiful fabric despite having had a really bad day on Friday.

Von, who spent the day in the corner making beautiful lengths of fabric.

Steph, working away.

Her sister Sid, eating lunch.   Lunch was a potluck.   It’s not like lunch is the important thing, we just bring a few things to keep us going.   How dare you imply that with us it’s all about food.   That’s not true.   No, I’m not going to show you the food table.   There was barely anything on it anyway.

Oh, alright.

Yes, this is only half of it, I couldn’t put fit it all in one photograph.   We do know how to eat.

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