Where I stood..

No, this isn’t another post about how much I hate snow.   This is me celebrating Mardi Gras.   Last night there was a big Mardi Gras celebration downtown Plymouth, and Mark and I caught the tail end of it.   Let me tell you, it was just like being in New Orleans!!   Well, except for the weather.   It was cold.   And snowy.

They had a band.   Steve King and the Dittilies.   This band always rocks the house, even playing with gloves on their hands.   Admittedly, it wasn’t New Orleans kind of music, more old rock and roll.   That was a little different than New Orleans.

And there were only about 50 people there, so that was different than New Orleans.   And Mardi Gras doesn’t actually happen until Tuesday (that’s why it’s called Fat Tuesday), so that was different.   There wasn’t any crawfish etouffee, gumbo, beignets, or any such food, so that was different.   There was a decided lack of debauchery, drugs, alcohol, floats, parades, costumes and women were barely exposing their noses, not to speak of sexier body parts, so that was different.   But other than that, it was pretty much Mardi Gras all over the place, that is to say they were giving away beads.

After Mark and I left the wildness that was Mardi Gras, we went to the Liberty Street Brewery, where an interesting jam band called Baked Potato was tearing it up, and I quaffed a couple of Foreign Extra Stouts, a truly wonderful beer.   They also have a steam beer right now called Steamy Windows, and though I love the name, I have to stick with the stout.

Earlier in the day I went to an artists’ retreat.   I will show you pictures from that tomorrow.

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