My mother’s quilt

My mother made a beautiful quilt, and a few weeks back we finally got it hung on the living room wall in her house.   I took some photographs of it while I was over yesterday, and I want to share them with you.   It is approximately 60×70, and all the flowers were designed and hand embroidered by mom, as was the sashing between the blocks.     I don’t have a picture of the entire quilt, but this will give you an idea.   It is an amazing piece!

8 thoughts on “My mother’s quilt”

  1. Oh, yes, she has made many beautiful quilts, she makes a lot of her clothes, and she finished the quilt in this post this past year.

  2. Leann,Your Mom’s quilt is absolutely beautiful!! The flowers are amazing. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Love,Mary

  3. I really like the embroidered sunflowers on the quilt. Is there anyway I could get the pattern for it.

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