Where I stood..

Another inch or two on our front steps, and we haven’t finished clearing off the 8″ of snow we got Friday.   At 53, I just used a snowblower for the first time in my life,   I’ll get to use it again today.   I don’t mind shoveling, it’s quiet and it feels like honest work, but the snowblower is loud and stinks of gas.   I’d rather shovel, but I can’t make it through the snow we’ve had without the blower.   So off I’ll go, but first I’m going to watch Sunday Morning.

Where I Stand Sunday is an ongoing photo essay examining the different places Lynn Krawczyk spends her life standing. Too often we take for granted the everyday places we spend our lives walking on. If you’d like to join her by posting a photo on Sunday of places you’ve been on your blog/photo hosting site/website, leave a comment on her Sunday posts telling her where she can find you/your photo and she’ll add a link to her sidebar so others can find you. I am one of those that Lynn has badgered into joining her, I have changed it to “where I stood”, because right now I’m sitting in front of the computer, not standing anywhere.

4 thoughts on “Where I stood..”

  1. Good lord woman, I got the shivers just looking at that picture. You don’t want your feet to stick to the ground like the kid’s tongue in the Christmas Story movie! At least put some socks on!!!

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