The everlasting winter

snow peopleSome snow creatures in front of Starkweather School.

Starkweather school The moon rises over the school,

and the sun sets.

When we are old, we will remember this winter.  We will hear young people complain of the cold, and we will grab them and tell them they don’t know cold.  We’ll talk about “back in January of ’14, we really had it hard.”  We’ll be those old coots who never shut up about the old days.  We will be able to say we survived the winter of 2013-2014.  We will exaggerate.  We are strong.  We can handle it.  And spring will be that much more precious, when it comes.  If it ever comes.


4 thoughts on “The everlasting winter”

  1. Not much longer, at least maybe we are halfway there? I always think of you every time they give the weather – cause I see you get winter so good! Stay warm!

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