What I did on my summer vacation

pipesWe’ve been doing some home work on one of our houses, it’s been keeping us busy this summer.

wilcox boardI’ve been “denailing” boards, I really liked this one!

bridgeI’ve had a lot of fun, too.  Jane and I took mom on a boat tour!

BobloWe reminisced about boats we’d been on.

tigersMark and I managed to take in a Tigers game, we won!

Tiger seatscat bathTempo spent much of the summer exploring, and taking baths.


Walk on the Wild Side

I do love all my cats, but there is a special feeling for this one, the one we found at three weeks old and bottle fed every few hours, this cat that was such a tiny kitten, this one who you wouldn’t notice underfoot, scared me so many times, this cat.  She still has no fear.walk on the wild side

A couple of thank you’s and a kitten update

thank you onethank you twoI have some opinions about thank you notes, and well, snail mail. I love getting mail. I love sending mail. So I do send mail.I occasionally get a comment from someone who has received one of my notes, they apologize for never sending me a thank you. They shouldn’t. Send thank-you’s if you enjoy sending thank-you’s and don’t if you don’t.

tempo on stepsKitten update: well, she’s pretty much a cat now. With lots of personality (wants to be very close to people, but is annoyed if people try to touch her) and a great love of bugs. She’ll have fun this summer, our house is often full of flies.