Feeling connected

Lately I’ve run across a rash of articles telling me how to get off line for a day, a week, or some such amount of time.  I wonder about the people who write these.  Perhaps if I spent too much time on games, recipes, or pinterest, it might be of interest, but I don’t want to be unplugged.  Do these people who write such articles not have children, parents, or any family members that they worry about?

I had a conversation with a friend a few years ago, she was talking about how happy her husband was when he didn’t have his cell phone, and how worried she was.  I agree with her, there is nothing so comforting as a cell phone sitting next to me, not vibrating or ringing.  I feel all is right with the world.  but if I’ve forgotten my phone?  Anything could happen!  I think it might be a bit of a holdover from 9/11, I worked retail that day, and had the store radio quietly tuned to the classical Canadian station, as I was instructed.  It was a bit of a mystery that there weren’t any customers, but no one from the main office, in fact, no one, let me know the terrors that were happening.  I did get a phone call from my husband after both towers collapsed.  It hadn’t occurred to anyone that I wouldn’t know.

I know where I was when Kennedy was shot, the nuns at my school were breaking down, it was quite a surprise.  I know where I was when we landed on the moon, glued to the TV.  I know where I was on 9/11, I was gleefully framing pictures at a retail store, unaware of the horror.  I never want to be that out-of-it again.  I want to be in the loop.

If something happens, I need to know.  Mark and I have made a couple of trips to emergency in the past few weeks with parents (all fine now) and I want those parents to know I’ve a cell phone near by and they can rely on me.  I don’t have children, but I can’t imagine anyone would willingly not be available without a great back-up plan.  I’m old, I remember what it was to call someone before answering machines, hoping they answered, or left you a work number.  I’m not going back, I need to be connected.

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