Thinking about marriage

Scan_20160223A bond between two people.  I confess, I am tired of hearing how very much work it is to be married.  I’ve found it to be relatively easy.  Whenever it becomes work, all I need do is remember what a pain it was being single, and suddenly Mark’s idiosyncrasies are quite tolerable.

My mother has rejoined the single life, living alone in an apartment.  I try to be there for her often.  I remember what it’s like never to have anyone right there for easy conversation.  No one there to laugh at a joke, call you out on your own stupidity, or compliment a meal, an outfit, or a job well done.  No one to answer simple questions, to give opinions, to date.  It’s not easy without someone who wants to go out to dinner with you, will go to that wedding with you, will escort you to bosses’ dinners, baseball games, any outing, no matter how exciting or mundane.

I’d love to tell you I never get annoyed with married life, I do.  But actually it’s nice to have someone other than myself at which to be annoyed.  We can share blame, share praise, share income, share meals, share pets, share the load.

Don’t get me wrong, I do occasionally long for some quiet time.  That doesn’t last, though.  When he is gone, it isn’t long before I’m wishing he’ll come back.

Maybe it’s because I found the right person, or because we are both pretty easy-going, marriage is something that works very well for me.

One thought on “Thinking about marriage”

  1. I, too, often contemplate the dynamics of the relationship of marriage and go to that place where, who and what would I be like without this person with whom I cohabitate, plan, execute plans, work beside, work together with for the common good of us and others, as one member of the ‘duo’ – and I know, too, how it must be living without that person. Dad has been alone now for almost 4 years…he is a different person without mom. It has taken me this long to really get to know him better. He traveled alot when I was young and living at home. So then, I often wonder how different I would be without my DH. I have never been single long enough to know. I had a friend that said, don’t get remarried until you know WHO YOU ARE. I didn’t take that advise, and I would like to think, I am who I am….one day, one (or the other) of us is going to find out I guess.

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