Goodbye Northland

I spent a lot of my youth hanging around the Northland Mall, especially Hudson’s.  There are those who would call it wasting time, but I think it was a great chance to spend time with friends and family.  I have a lot of great memories wandering around that mall.  So long, old friend!Macy's bear and boyvacant Macy's

Where I stood, chasing away the Nain Rouge

the nain rouge feet 1the nain rouge feet 3the nain rouge feet 2My feet, and many other feet, chased out the Nain Rouge this afternoon.  The Nain Rouge is responsible for all Detroit’s problems, and every year there is a great parade.  The Nain Rouge showed up and taunted us, riding his huge cockroach, and we chased him away for another year!the nain rouge 1the nain rouge 2the nain rouge 3the nain rouge 4the nain rouge 5the nain rouge 6the nain rouge 7These are just a few of the wonderful folks that helped us get rid of the Nain Rouge.  I’ll have more photos at a later date!

Morning sun

morning lightSince I don’t have to get to a day job, I sleep in most days.  It is a habit I’d like to break.  Not because I’d get more done, there are only twenty four hours in a day and it doesn’t matter if you spend your waking hours early or late, it is the same amount of time.  It’s just that every once in a while I catch the morning sun, and it is magical.

Where I stood, watching the ice melt

003It has been wonderful watching things emerge from under the snow and ice.  The new year starts in January, but I think that’s only to give us something to celebrate during the dark winter months.  This is the new year, new life, more light.  I love the days getting longer, the sun on my face.  Nothing helps your mood more than a walk, between the air, the sun and the exercise, it is a sure way the beat the blues.  This is Michigan, we never know what we will get tomorrow, so go out and take a walk.  Enjoy the sun while it shines, and breathe some fresh air.  It will do you good.