Where I stood, mourning my plants

dead plant feetEvery fall we put our outdoor potted plants in the unheated sun room, and most of them make it through the winter.  This year, the protection of the walls wasn’t enough, too many below zero temps have killed off most of them.  Usually I can keep the geraniums over the winter, but this spring we’ll buy new.  I’m looking forward to spring.  Meanwhile, here’s two cats that are too tired to fight.too tired to fight

We find stuff

We made two stops on our trip to Florida, one in Lexington on the way down, to look at a warehouse full of stuff:lexington stuffThis is just the tiniest portion of the stuff, it was too dark to photograph.

Then a stop on the way back in Lexington, at an outlet store with a floor of electrical and electronic stuff:dayton stuffThis is just one of many aisles.  See the little black dot way back in the center?  That’s Mark.