Where I stood, contemplating the passing of time

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Maybe it is because it was 25 years ago today that the Berlin Wall started to come down, maybe just having a few extra minutes this morning, but I’ve been thinking about how quickly time passes.  I was thinking that tomorrow night I’ll play trivia at the bar like I do most every Monday, Tuesday I’ll see my family, Wednesday morning I’ll talk art with my friends, life has gotten pretty routine. How lucky. I keep thinking “I get another one. Another trivia game, another shared meal, another conversion.” I’ve been meeting with my mother and my sister once a week since Jane moved out of the house, it never occurred to us we would still feel the need to get together so often after some 40 years or so. We so enjoy it, though, there was certainly no reason to stop. I keep thinking, “I get another one.” Another friend had a pet die recently. I know far to many people who have lost loved ones, not only parents, friends and spouses, but children too, a pain I can’t imagine. Maybe it’s the cool weather, perhaps it’s having an energetic kitten in this house, but today I feel like holding and keeping those I love close. Today could be a very good day for sharing cocoa with someone you love.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder – it has come to my mind lately, too. Although I don’t feel that I am living on borrowed time, others I know are. Accepting the ebb and flow of life..vs. fitting it all in – I realize, the latter, is a possibility, but loving life and balancing it with friends and family are key.

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