Out East, 2014

We just got back from our trip out east.

apostrophe signWe bought apples from this place, he won for most misplaced apostrophes.  Or is that apostrophe’s?


We went to the Kutztowm radio meet in Pennsylvania, where we saw lots of radios,

shiny tubes

shiny tubes,

John and Lewie

and very good friends.

Then we visited a guy who had this:

green checker cab

a green checker cab from when Coca-Cola used them to promote Surge, their answer to Mountain Dew.  Watch out, Surge is supposedly coming back.


He also had chickens!  We bought a dozen eggs made by these lovely ladies and had a wonderful breakfast the next day.

spotted chicken

I’ll show you more pictures from the trip in the next post.


2 thoughts on “Out East, 2014”

  1. Hello! I am intrigued by your Surge cab photo. I also own one and I’m always trying to find the others. I knew of one in NY state owned by a guy named Bill, but had never seen a photo of it. I’d love more info! Surgecab22@aol.com

    1. Sorry, Will, we only met him the once, and don’t remember his name. I wish I could be more help. We know he was in New Jersey, we followed him to his place from Kutztown, PA, it wasn’t that far.

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