Felting with Scissors

Last night at our art group Running With Scissors, Jan took us on a felt journey!  Jan is a wonderful, enthusiastic teacher, and I am delighted to learn anything from her.Anne's fluffy fleeceFirst we laid out fluffy fleece in a cross pattern, then we added wonderful bits of yarn and fabric and things.  This is Anne’s beautiful landscapy design, laid out on bubble wrap.  Another great use for bubble wrap, making felt.

Anne adds soapy waterAnne added hot soapy water and worked the fleece until it shrunk and bonded.

Julie rolling feltAs the felt starts to bond, you  can get rougher with it, here Julie starts rolling it back and forth between two sheets of bubble wrap.

becoming feltThis is partway through the process, becoming a beautiful Kandinsky-esque abstract felt.

Jan expounds on the wonders of feltThis is the master (mistress?  I guess not.) of felt, Jan, expounding on the wonders of making your own.

birthing marblesJoan had added marbles to her felt to add some texture, here Jan demonstrates how to birth the marbles (pop them out) so you are left with small, interesting caverns in your felt.

finished feltThis finished piece has lovely bits of velvet trapped in the felt.  Everyone was making such beautiful things!  Thank you, Jan, for taking us on the felt journey!

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