Where I stood, listening to the Velvets on ukulele

Thumbs Up shoes

Today Mark and I went to the Cranbrook Art Museum, to see a show of Warhol album covers.  I did want to see the show, but what I really wanted to see was Thumbs Up.  Thumbs Up is Detroit’s premier Velvet Underground ukulele duo.  How can you pass that up?  At one point Steve, one of the Thumbs, tap dances wildly to add percussion, and I managed to get his tap shoes in my feet photo.

Warhol on Vinyl sign

The sign for the show, there was no photography in the gallery.

Thumbs Up 1

Thumbs Up playing their hearts out for us.

One thumb

One Thumb.

Another thumb

Another Thumb.

screen printing

T-shirts were being screen printed on the spot.

me in the forest

Mark and I walked the property a little after the show.


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